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  • Nightriders Cover

    Nightriders by Marc Schooley

    Ghost Riders, Bird Men, and Justice in the Killin’ Fields

    Mack Cavanaugh claims to be a Nightrider, one of a band of infamous Texas outlaws from the late 1800s. Except he says they wasn’t outlaws, just men tryin’ to make things right in the unjust fields of Texas—the killin’ fields.

    So begins a tale of the last years of the Texas Wild West–of oncoming civilization in all its savagery, a last ride by five vigilantes in the name of God, and a final confrontation with an evil unbounded by time or place.

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  • Project Gemini - Mission 2

    Project Gemini Mission 2: Okinawa by Jill Williamson

    After an exhausting school year, Spencer is thrilled to discover that the summer training mission will take him and his fellow agents-in-training to Okinawa, a tropical paradise. But there’s little time for R & R as Spencer must attend school, volunteer at a local martial arts training facility, and track and report a mysterious girl named Keiko. Spencer thinks he knows exactly what to do, but the more he discovers about Keiko, the more questions he has. All he really wants to do is protect Keiko from her ex-boyfriend and stay out of trouble, but where Spencer Garmond is concerned, trouble is never far away.

    398pg. | ISBN: 978-1-940163-01-7 Continue reading

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  • Cover--New Recruit--500 Height

    The New Recruit by Jill Williamson

    The Mission League–Mission 1: Moscow Forced to choose between military school and a Christian spy organization, skeptic Spencer Garmond signs on with the Bible geeks. But before he even boards the plane for Moscow, Spencer realizes this is no Bible club.

    422 pg. | ISBN: 978-1-9359297-0-3 Continue reading

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  • Konig's Fire

    König’s Fire by Marc Schooley

    Sascha König, a man they called Nebuchadnezzar, is their only hope. He is master of the furnace. All along, he has been Hitler’s ardent servant. But now…König is wrestling with demons of his own, and the Master of all fires is calling him to Himself through the haunting eyes of a little gypsy girl König did not save.

    322pg. | ISBN: 978-0-9825987-5-7 Continue reading

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  • The Dark Man

    The Dark Man by Marc Schooley

    The Dark Man is a dystopian novel in a United States that has outlawed Christianity. It is the story of a futuristic Saul who persecutes the church until he travels his own road to Damascas.

    395pg. | ISBN: 978-0-9821049-3-4 Continue reading

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