Never to Live Cover

Never to Live

Imprisoned, Elwyn endures torture so horrific she drives herself insane to elude true madness. She finally escapes, but at the deadly cost of the only remaining friend she has.

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About Marcher Lord Press

If you are a certain type of person, our favorite kind, you are on a quest. What you’ve found so far isn’t what you’re looking for, so your search continues. Your quest will eventually bring you to the edge of the map. To the very fringe of what is known. If you take one more step, you will enter a realm of discovery so obscure that even the legends only hint at what is there. But go you will, because nothing known, nothing mundane, can long hold your attention. Something in you hears the call to adventure, and so into the dark you venture.

Marcher Lord Press is the premier publisher of Christian fantasy and Christian science fiction. We produce primarily full-length Christian fantasy and Christian SF novels for adults and teens. Marcher Lord Press was founded by novelist and publishing industry veteran Jeff Gerke, and is now owned by another industry veteran, Steve Laube.

Portal to a New World“If you take one more step, you will enter a realm of discovery so obscure that even the legends only hint at what is there.”

Books Jeff has published, written, or edited have been bestsellers, been well-reviewed in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, and won nearly all the major awards in Christian fiction. If you’re set on sailing off the edge of the map, there is no better guide to take you there.

As you can see from the design of our site, Marcher Lord Press understands what is cool about Christian fantasy and science fiction and all the other subgenres that comprise Christian speculative fiction. You want to be taken to a realm you’ve never imagined, a realm of epic adventure, with Christ at its heart.

If that’s who you are, if you are the type of person who yearns to discover what lies beyond the last ink on the map, Marcher Lord Press is for you.

Step through the portal. Your epic is waiting.